Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Heroine's Bookshelf by Erin Blakemore

  Ever have one of those days, or weeks, or months when everything seems to be going wrong? When you feel like the world is against you and you can't do anything about it? Well then you're a perfect candidate for The Heroine's Bookshelf. This feel-good book was written by Erin Blakemore, a writer that is able to find inspiration in almost all of the major women writers of the 19th century.
  Her book has scenarios from major books such as The Color Purple, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, and many more. The book is separated into sections: Self, Faith, Dignity, Happiness, Family Ties, Indulgence, ect. Each section has a different author, book, and heroine. Blakemore applies a time in her life when she might have been in a rut, or simply an emotion, and correlates it to the heroine and her problem. She is encouraged by certain aspects of the heroine and is left heartened by the experience ad the heroine's attitude.
  The book encompasses a brave attitude towards the hardships that one may face in life. In more than one case I found myself relating to the heroine's troubles... well, maybe just the general aspect of it because I don't have the pressures of marrying like Elizabeth Bennet or have had a morbid life like Jane Eyre. But the general feeling of things like being pressured by family or going through difficult situations, that I can connect with as i'm sure many can and will.  
  At the end of each section Blakemore has a little part called Read This Book in which she writes of times when it would be good to read the book. For example:" Read this book when your mom complains you'll never give her grandchildren." and in addition she adds another small section which she writes that particular heroine's literary sisters, meaning other heroine's that can be coupled with that particular one.
  So the book not only makes you feel better but it also gives you book recommendations (yes please!). Now in regards to Blakemore's writing, I would describe it funny and flowing. She certainly knows what she's writing about and she can make everything fit together so perfectly. I caught myself many times smiling as I was reading. Books that can make your emotions evident on your face are worth reading don't you think? Overall I give this book a 5, it kept me interested and I read a different chapter everyday. It made me feel happy. Great book and great author. If anyone has read it post a comment and tell me what you think of it. For those who are planning to read it let me know what you think as well. 

Other Works by Erin Blakemore
- For now this is the only book by Blakemore, but according to her page she's working on another book.


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